Creating a Routine

Julia Cameron talks about daily routines as a way to tap into your creativity in “The Artist’s Way.” (If you know me, you know I am going to refer to this book quite a bit. Go and read it. Right now!) For her there are two essential routines she asks her students to do:

1) morning pages: This is writing via stream of consciousness for three pages daily… You are pretty much placing in writing things that are dancing around in your head. It’s the stuff that distracts you when you are trying to concentrate on a project or the to-do list that randomly pops up in your head when you are in yoga class or a really important meeting. By clearing your thoughts, you can have space in your mind for what you truly need to be creative, to be mindful and to be present with what is happening in your day.

2) artist dates: This is a one hour appointment for you. This is for you to explore an activity that you truly want to do. It’s pretty much a playdate: wandering around in a museum, taking a painting class, learning how to indoor rock climb, or rummaging through the clearance aisle at TJ Maxx. You need space to explore and wander. Think about something you’d like to do on your own and do it.

With Cameron’s routines as a foundation, I’ve started to create my own daily routines. Routines that I know I need to feel grounded and mindful. What are your routines? What do you need to do in order to face the day with the confidence that you are completely supported and inspired? Below are activities that have helped me pursue a more grounded approach to my day

Daily Routines
Slowly sip my coffee. (iced lattes with honey butter at Southside or espresso with almond milk from Califia will do just fine)
Meditation (the lululemon mediation challenge was really fantastic and accessible to even a novice like myself)
Spend time with your fitbit and walk around a lovely neighborhood at sunset finding that sweet spot where the sun is setting and there a slight Houston breeze coming through
Look over your bucket list and carve out time to be a goalcrusher DAILY!

Weekly Routines
Practice yoga. (Since I became a yoga teacher, I know this as an essential part of taking care of my physical and mental health.
Take a dance class. (I’ve really enjoyed trying a new way to move my body. Learning new choreo also helps keep the mind active and challenged. Zumba and West African dance are my favorites right now.)
Look at beautiful artwork. (Houston fortunately has a lot of fun places to explore. I’m trying to take advantage of my membership at the MFAH as often as I can this summer.)
Cook something new. (Find a recipe and discover a new way to eat or drink your veggies. I like exploring Working Class Foodies on youtube.)
Seek out people who support and love you. (Since I work for myself, I have the tendency to spend lots of time on projects on my own. I get so excited about the work I’m doing that I get into a flow and realize that I have not talked to another human for hours! Hang out with people and share beauty, grace and gratitude with them. We exist to serve others not just ourselves!)


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