Featured Art Yoga Play Student: Kate Gunn Pagel


Kate Pagel and Myself (Back in the Day)



Shadow Monsters at the MFAH


Sketches from Our Drawing Session at the MFAH

Kate and Me Back in the Day

Kate and I with a group of talented workshop attendees

During a one-on-one drawing class at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Kate Gunn Pagel, one of my dearest and sweetest friends and art & yoga workshop students. She was kind enough to share her insights on creativity with me this past week. Happy reading!

1) To join in the fun, save the date for my next Art Yoga Play Workshop on August 30. Details can be found on eventbrite at http://bit.ly/1DL38a4.
2) Also, if you are interested in learning more about drawing, I am currently teaching private classes. Feel free to email me at Nicole.Peralta@gmail.com.

1.  How do you get creative?

The first step for me to get creative is to journal. I often find that I am most creative when I write or collage. As a kid the walls of my bedroom were completely covered in collages, and it was just a way for me relax my mind and focus on something purely for me. I also find that it is helpful to have a friend or group to bounce ideas off of. I am just now discovering Pinterest, and that is an incredible source of ideas and inspiration. I also find that being outside really get my creative juices flowing. Some of my best ideas and inspiration come when I’m walking the dog (no cell phones allowed)! Also, random aside, I just love GLITTER!


2.  Why is creativity important to you?


My job is very analytical and process driven, and there is not a lot of opportunity for creativity. Being creative was a huge part of my childhood, and I feel like it is often difficult to maintain this aspect of life once we’ve reached adulthood and all the associated responsibilities that come with it. Being creative works out a different part of my mind and it’s fun to think in ways that I often don’t get to in my daily life.



3.  After attending an art/yoga/play workshop, what do you become present to in your life?


The best thing about these workshops is allowing myself to have that time just for me. I take away a feeling of empowerment. I become present to my abilities and I feel assured that I don’t have to be perfect (and I often need this reminder). It is great to be guided through the exercises (both in the yoga portion and the art portion) and just have fun with no judgment.


4.  Do you have any advice for people on how to bring in more creativity, yoga and mindfulness in their lives?


The first step (for me), and what I would consider to be the most important step is to give yourself permission to have that time just for you — no to do lists, no feeling guilty that you should be doing something else. Once you come to the realization that it is not frivolous, but essential to wellbeing, it is much easier to dedicate the time you need to give yourself a break. I really enjoy yin yoga and meditation. It makes me feel refreshed and calm (sometimes rarities in our very busy, overstimulated lives).

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