Featured Workshop Artist: Sheila Oandasan


Enjoying the afternoon at Disco Green with the artist Sheila Oandasan


Hand-lettered art work which I affectionately call “word clouds” This one was made with ink and a Q-tip


Another sample of a word cloud which was cut out with an exacto knife


A fun and whimsical two page spread of a word cloud


Sheila studied Graphic Design at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California. She has always loved drawing letters, hand-writing notes, and has even been told by friends (and one doctor) that she should have her handwriting made into a font! Sheila has always been good with her hands and enjoys other forms of creativity such as sewing. What motivates her as an artist is simply the desire to create something. What makes word clouds fun is the idea that words and letters can become something else entirely. Ultimately, she wants to inspire students to think outside of their comfort zone and to not be afraid to be creative.

To learn more about creating your own word clouds, sign up online at: http://bit.ly/1DL38a4 for the next workshop on August 30th!

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