a zen doodle inspired by a rug found in the summer ’15 Anthropologie catalog




Utilizing patterns and colors from a photo to create another meditative doodle




Students will learn how to create a geometric pattern and employ various coloring techniques.



By capturing patterns from magazines and other images we will learn how to meditatively color

This month, I will be hosting two art + yoga workshops.The first one, “Zen Doodling + Meditative Coloring” will be this Sunday, September 20th from 1pm to 3pm at South Blvd Yoga. Sign up online to reserve your spot!  For the 9/20  session, we will be exploring the creation of patterns and putting things into place. With the use of a pattern (a repeated yoga sequence AND a repeated visual image of art and color), you can become more mindful. What art and yoga can do for you is provide a space for you to sort out your thoughts, throw away useless ideas, and give you a blank space to clear things up. Two of the best ways to do this is on your yoga mat (moving away excess energy and creating more space in the body) and utilizing a blank page (playing with repeated patterns of shapes and colors). You will start to learn a process which can make you more meditative and more thoughtful in an accessible format.nprgjt

As a special sweet bonus for the 9/20 workshop: My dear friend & creativity partner in crime Rachel Gonzales will co-teach the art portion. She has a whimsical and colorful style in everything she does- from the way she dresses all the way to her artwork. You won’t  want to miss out on this fun class! If you want to learn more about Rachel, check out her amazing blog!


For the 9/27 ART + YOGA WORKSHOP, we will be doing “YIN YOGA + JEWELRY MAKING” with Abby Buchold (yogi) and Mena Love (artist). 

This second one will be this Sunday, September 27th from 1pm to 3pm at South Blvd. Sign up online to reserve your spot! And, stay tuned for more details in a follow-up post soon!

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