9/27 Workshop: Yin Yoga + Jewelry Making with Abby and Mena


Yoga Instructor Abby Buchold (Photo Credit: Bhavin Userofreality)


Artist & Yogi Mena Love (Photo Courtesty of Mena)


Jewelry created by Mena


Another lovely jewelry piece designed by Mena

I am organizing one last ARTYOGAPLAY workshop on September 27th with two lovely ladies, yoga instructor and fellow TEP sister Abby Buchold and artist Mena Love. In a workshop based on the root chakra, Abby will be leading our group in a slow and relaxing yin practice while Mena will be teaching us how to make a jewelry piece. See below for more workshop details, and go online to sign up for what will prove to be a very relaxing and creative afternoon.

Q+A with the amazing Abby

What is yin yoga?
Yin is a still, meditative form of yoga in which static poses are held for long periods of time–this allows time to get deep into connective tissue to promote greater mobility and stronger, healthier joints.

Why is yin so important to you?
Yin is the perfect balance to an active vinyasa practice, an intense workout schedule, a stressful lifestyle, or all of the above! It keeps connective tissue healthy and the mind calm.

And what can your students gain access to by practicing a slower flow?
Yin allows you to take your practice deeper and to be with whatever comes up in body and mind.

Why are you interested in doing a yoga and art class?
I made art all through my high school and college years but did not keep up with it as much once I entered the work force. Art is calming, and when I do get the chance to make something, art is my yoga. I want to help others make that connection.

Q+A with the marvelous Mena

What is chakra inspired jewelry?
Chakra inspired jewelry is jewelry used to enhance the spiritual meaning and benefits, by increasing the awareness of the stone(s) for the individual wearer. Affirmations to go along with the underactive or closed chakra can also be used in conjunction with chakra inspired jewelry!

Can you explain what the root chakra is and how it will relate to the art project you are teaching?
The root chakra is the base and 1st chakra of the 7 main chakras in your body. Each chakra is tied to a particular emotion, physical, and spiritual aspect of the body. When the root chakra is out of balance and/or closed, the feeling of being scared, lack of money, or feeling that your needs are not fully met, is evident. Wearing root chakra and grounding stones such as, red colored gemstones, and hematite is a great way to focus on what energies you allow to manifest in your life. Making chakra jewelry and/or any kinda of jewelry with positive and healing intentions is very meditative and grounding. You can be creative, all while in a meditative state and sense of centeredness, which is a big part of yoga!

What do you hope to share with your students in teaching the jewelry class?
I hope to share a bit of chakra knowledge and spark inspiration in the students who choose to take responsibility of self-growth, self-LOVE, and self-healing on their spiritual journey!

Why are you interested in doing a yoga and art class?
I’m interested in doing a yoga +art class because creativity, breath, and meditation work well in my life, on the mat and off. I would like to inspire others in the most out-the-box way!

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