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5/7 Pop-Up Yoga: Chocolate, Flow + Soul

I’m returning to Houston to lead our next class, “Pop-Up Yoga: Chocolate, Flow + Soul,” on Saturday, May 7th. I’m partnering with my fellow talented yogi & friend Carlos Villa who will be assisting me in our slow, vinyasa-style yoga class & organizing a soulful playlist for the flow.

We will be ending the yoga class in a mindful, chocolate meditation and sampling. All the chocolate is made out of premium, organic ingredients sourced from the social enterprise Maya Republik in Guatemala.

Not only will you get to indulge in an afternoon of yoga, chocolate & mindfulness, but your attendance to this event will be supporting two great causes: 50% of the proceeds will go towards Carlos’ yoga teacher training & 50% of the proceeds will support artists for the Guatemalan social enterprise Maya Republik.

See below for more details , and go online to sign up for what will be a delightfully delicious afternoon.

Q+A with the amazing Carlos Villa

What is vinyasa yoga?
Vinyasa yoga is a yoga practice that links form, poses, movement, breath and intention in a purposeful sequential flow.

How has the practice of yoga changed your approach to life?
My yoga practice has changed my life in a sense that it has enabled me to become more mindful in everything that I do; from the way I eat, way I react to certain situations that arise, way I use my language when communicating with others to the energy/vibes that I put out into the world.

Why is yoga + music important to you?
Music has always been an important part of my life since I was young.  It creates and opens up certain feelings/emotions for me; much like my yoga practice.  Combining both creates a much more intentional and uninhibited practice, I feel. That and it’s just a whole lot of fun integrating them both together! Duh.

And what can your students gain access to by practicing a slower vinyasa flow?
Students can gain access to creating an intentional practice that feels right for them.  Slower flows get people to really concentrate on their practice and sticking to their intentions, as they have more space to connect with their bodies.

What excites you doing our upcoming Pop-Up Yoga: Chocolate, Flow + Soul class?EVERYTHING.  It combines some of my favorite things: yoga, music and CHOCOLATE.  I mean, who wouldn’t like that? I’m also super excited to assist in teaching my first yoga class! It’s a new experience and I’m excited to just have fun with it, and allow students to create their own intentions in their practice.

Proceeds from this class will support your yoga teacher training, can you tell me more about the training?
I’m doing my training at BIG Power Yoga which is my studio of practice.  I chose BIG because they not only have a great and challenging practice, but they also create community and empower people to live their biggest lives possible–which is what I hope to do as a yoga teacher in the near future.  They dig deep into the powerful flow practice of Baptiste Yoga, and also encourage students to tap into themselves in order to create and generate authenticity in their teaching and everyday living. It’s about so much more than just yoga.  It’s only been the first week of training and I already feel a huge change in myself and my yoga practice.


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