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The Online + International Book Club for the Badass: “The Artist’s Way”


Calling All My Book Club Badasses out there!

I am out to create an ONLINE + INTERNATIONAL community of like-minded people to join our Summer 2016 Book Club for the Badass. I want people who are craving to incorporate creativity in their lives and who want to learn how to nourish their souls. I am seeking a tribe who will who will read Julia Cameron’s “The Artist Way” with me and share their insights and uncover their own creativity.

Seeking more creativity in my life, I decided to read this book (eventually reading it 5 more times!).  Suffering from career burnout along with a diagnosis for anxiety, depression, & PTSD, I was stuck and frustrated in so many ways. By practicing yoga, creating art journals, and reading “The Artist’s Way,” Julia Cameron was the mentor and champion that got me through some dark days and tough challenges. I finally felt like someone understood me.

This book taught me how to take a stand, learn about my own self-worth, and recover my creative dreams I stuffed away for so long. After doing the work in this book and many years of slowly growing my company, I have transitioned from living an exhausting and unfulfilling life to becoming a more creative, more mindful and more joyful person.

If you are looking to uncover your creativity, to excavate your creative dreams, and to implement more beauty in your daily life, join me in this 3 month long adventure.

RSVP online at:

This online book club will include:

12 weekly one-on-one conversations via Skype or email (These conversations serve as a check-in, to share how things are going, and/or share thoughts, frustrations, celebrations. These  Skype sessions are also scheduled individually in order to find the best time that works for your schedule.)

Access to a Private Facebook group to be a part of a community of “The Artist’s Way” bookclub members

A weekly e-newsletter sharing insights and a bonus art journal project you can work on each week

An opportunity for Houston members to meet for brunch on Sunday, August 14th at 12pm (Details: TBD)

An opportunity for Guatemala City members to meet for brunch on Sunday, August 7th at 12pm (Details: TBD)

A creativity care package for “The Artist’s Way” bookclub members mailed or hand-delivered at the end of the program. (Remember when we would get prizes at the local library for finishing a certain number of books? This is the same idea! The “finisher’s” package will contain a small hand-painted journal, tea, and other small goodies which will be sent at the completion of the program.)

July 3 to September 30, 2016 (Technically, that is 13 weeks, and it’s good to have a few extra days as a “grace period” for when things come up.)

Early registration (until June 19th): $99 ($7.62 each week for 13 weeks.)
Registration (June 20th – July 2nd): $120 ($9.23 each week for 13 weeks.)
Partial payment option: 1st payment (until July 2nd): $70 & 2nd payment (until August 21): $70
Self-Study option: $50 This includes everything except for the 12 weekly one-on-one conversations

Eventbrite - Summer Book Club for the Badass: "The Artist's Way"

Supplies You’ll Need to Purchase:
Julia Cameron’s “The Artist Way” (available on amazon and at barnes and noble)
A journal for your “morning pages”

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