Coming hOMe: A Love Letter to Houston

“So did you get a facial in New York? Your face looks brighter,” Jacob remarked as we drank our hipster beers in a gastro-bar in Cuatro Grados Norte. I had to drink a good quality beer and relax while I integrated myself back to Guate City.

“No. I’m just so happy and filled with love and spent time doing fun things with good people I love,” I replied.

“Well, I can really tell you had a good time,” he smiles.

Every 90 days I have to renew my Central American travel visa, so I decided it was probably a good opportunity to go back to the States. Originally I figured 4 days in Houston and 4 days in NYC. Then my list of intentions, projects, places and people started to grow. I also wanted to find time to relax, binge watch some Netflix, and drink coffee. With a jolt of encouragement from my friend Rachel and mon petit ami Jacob, I bit the bullet and booked one week in Houston and one week in New York.

It was amazing. I had plans made with my friends and family even before I had my bags packed. To be honest, it can be lonely and frustrating being an entrepreneur – especially when you are living and working in a new country with only 6 weeks of Spanish school. It’s also hard for me to justify taking time away from Guatemala City when I feel like I am making a new community of friends, clients, and adventures.

And it was nice to admit that it was time (legally and mentally) to just go visit home. I’m so grateful for the encouragement from the people who truly want me to flourish, succeed and thrive. I also liked hearing about the new projects, new celebrations, and new challenges my friends and family were going through. It’s the meaningful conversations over cups of coffee and good food that I dearly craved and missed. Yes technology is great, but being able to laugh out loud with your loved ones is different from a whatsapp text or a “like” on Facebook.

So thank you Houston for helping me recover and regain my strength. I am glad I took the time to meet my dream team- all the people who make sure I am doing okay and are truly there to support whatever crazy ass idea I have envisioned. Without them, I would still be burned out and unhappy and most likely frustrated – most likely leading a life based on fear instead of self compassion and love.

I have so much heartfelt gratitude for: my parents (for not asking me when I am going to get married and for just listening to me), my brother Simoun (for binge watching that horrible Degrassi series on Netflix and drinking vanilla milkshakes with me), Carlos (for partnering with me to teach our very first class together), Rachel (for encouraging me to book a full week in New York even when I didn’t think I deserved it), Steph (for always coming to every art and yoga workshop I teach), Doug and Yoka (for eating fajitas with me), Yoka and Kylie (for dancing with me at Barbs), Mitzi (for teaching me how to be a yoga boss and being my business consultant), DK (for leading a pretty powerful spin class @ Revolution), Claire, Albert and Melissa (for a wonderful class and juice at Black Swan Yoga), Joon at Toni & Guy (for cutting my long ass hippie hair and updating my layers), the ladies at TSO (for making my eyeglasses in 15 minutes and booking my eye appointment immediately), the very patient sales lady at Blue Mercury for helping me update my make-up, the baristas at Southside and Blacksmith (for all the good coffee and pastries and biscuits), Kate and Laura (for good lunch dates), Albert and Ashley (for coming out to Chinatown for a self care date: reflexology, beignets, and pho!), and Peter (for always making sure I get my massage appointments at Triple Tree).






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