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Featured #ARTYOGAPLAY writer + student: Ace Tully

This week, I got the chance to interview September’s featured #artyogaplay writer + student Ace Tully. He is a Rhode Island native currently living and teaching English in South Korea. Ace has launched a blog called and is currently a member of our Online + International Book Club for the Badass. I have been impressed by his passion and self-motivation to pursue his creative practice as a writer, train for a marathon, and help others make the life-changing decision to teach and live in South Korea. I hope you enjoy learning more about Ace in this month’s interview.

1) How do you get creative?

Somewhere in my past I started deferring to others who represented they had answers to my path in life.  My creativity weakened day by day.  It was buried deeper one comment at a time as I deferred to others.

To me, the process of getting creative is the process of unlocking my creativity.  The past few years have been spent listening to podcasts and reading books.  Then having a conversation with my inner creative self.  Now the time has come to lessen the information intake from the greats and fully unlock my own greatness.

I am currently in month number 10 of teaching English in South Korea.  However, teaching English was not my primary motivation for coming here.  I traveled half way across the globe to look within to rediscover my creativity.

I wish I could explain fully how I get creative but I am still on the path to figuring that out.

2) Why is creativity important to you?

When I am on path to unlocking more of my creativity I am fully alive.  Tapping into my creativity sends me on a rollercoaster of emotions.  Eighty percent of the time it is a slow climb to higher highs.  Twenty percent of the time those emotions take a vicious drop to a higher low.  It is extremely fun to explore the possibilities of life with my creativity growing stronger every day.

In my opinion creativity SHOULD be important to everyone.  If the future unfolds the way many people predict it will abundant creativity is going to be a necessity for personal “success.”  As technology continues to increase at exponential rates many jobs will change.  Brain numbing “boring” jobs will disappear.  People can and will complain about this.  The second option is to get CREATIVE.

3) As a current book club badass, what have you become present to in your life?

There isn’t a correct way, only your own way.

4) Do you have any advice for people on how to bring in more creativity, yoga and/or mindfulness in their lives?

  1. Read about the subject or find someone knowledgeable to answer questions you have.
  2. Take ACTION.  
  3. Analyze the action and see what needs to be altered to take better action.
  4. Repeat.  Sometimes skip #1

5) Nicole will be launching another Fall Book Club for the Badass on Julia Cameron’s “The Artist Way.” How has this book changed your perspective on your life and on your creativity?

The book and Nicole’s course has been exactly what I needed.  ACTION has been where I have been falling short in the past.  Luckily the book found me at the perfect time in my life.  I am in South Korea on a mission to work on myself.  The morning pages require action and consistency.  I am also training for a marathon so these two goals complement each other nicely.

So much of the weekly readings remind me of the books I have read in the past.  The major difference is this book and course requires consistent action through the morning pages work.

Now when I read a book I will have the mental conditioning this book and course gave me to read and then take IMMEDIATE action to create positive momentum.

6) Why should people join the Online + International Book Club for the Badass?

Community.  The writing process and creativity can be isolating at times.  It is good to hear what other people on a parallel path are doing.  We had a group call last week which was amazing.  I love hearing other people’s opinions and their journeys.

7) Tell us a little bit about yourself (background/interests/ what gets you excited about each day?) Can you share your website and the concept behind your blog?

I have to give bullet points because I fear this will turn into a bible sized answer.

  • 20-something originally from Rhode Island, USA
  • Economics Degree from University of Rhode Island
  • The most work I did in college was researching the largest class sizes and easiest teachers
  • Started learning when most people stop
  • Basketball, Tennis, Sailing, Kayaking….any type of sports
  • My path to “success” so far has been anything but a straight line as these bullet points suggest

I am excited about each day because I am seeing progress in my actions that I am taking.  Each day I am caring less about what others think and doing what I think is right for me. is my blog.  Right now I post a monthly review:

  • Experiences that happened to me over my time living in South Korea and teaching English.
  • I also babble about my own philosophical foundations that are evolving.

“My main goal for the blog is to help people who are on the fence about coming to South Korea to teach English.  My main/ideal audience would want to come to South Korea and better themselves.”

8) Last summer, you had your students in Korea do one of the art projects from the book club. What did you guys do? And, how did it go?

Nicole sent all of us an art project that included drawing and writing music lyrics on paper.  It was amazing timing because I was struggling to put together enough lessons for my English summer camp I had to teach.  My students love music and this was the perfect lesson to let them craft their own favorite lyrics into their own creative picture.

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