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A Conversation with #ARTYOGAPLAY student Angela Venegas



Houston has been an inspiring place for me as I have gotten to know the yoga community better. I first met my #ARTYOGAPLAY student Angela Venegas when I was teaching yoga at Big Power Yoga Memorial. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to call her not only my student, but more importantly my friend.

When I returned to teaching in Houston, my first-ever yoga class I taught was with the non-profit Angela and two other bilingual yoga teachers started called Yogis Urbanos. Yogis Urbanos is a mobile collective of Latin Yoga Instructors who service predominantly the spanish speaking community– locally and internationally. (And, yes, it was much easier for me to teach the “Journey into Power” in Spanish than in English because I had just spent months teaching this sequence in Guatemala City. Jajajaja!)

Angela is sweet, patient, and straight up sassy. Don’t let the smooth taste fool you. I am so grateful for your friendship, encouragement, and laughs.

I hope you enjoy reading our short and sweet conversation. Namaste!
#thefutureisfemale #yassqueen #realrecognizereal

1. What have you been up to?

I recently got married last fall.  I am grateful for the many people in my life who helped to make sure my fiance and I had a small and charming wedding. All these meaningful details (including linens, decor, musicians, DJ, photography and design expertise) given to us by my friends and family has rendered me speechless.

I value the gift of service and have found myself in awe of how people around me have been willing to be of service to this beautiful and significant day in not only my fiancé’s life, but my life as well.

2. Why do you love taking #ARTYOGAPLAY classes with Nicole?
This is a hard question because I have so much to say about it! First of all, have you met Nicole? She is AH-mazing!

I truly enjoy her yoga class sequences. Her classes can be physically challenging, and it left me feeling so strong afterwards. Oh and sore too!  For my bachelorette party, I hired Nicole to host a yoga + art party for me and my bestie. After the yoga sequence, we did a chocolate meditation. It was such a beautiful and delicious way to meditate and eat chocolate!

Then, we were able to get into creative part of the workshop which was explained so simply by Nicole. Usually when I think of creating anything, it makes me nervous. I feel like I am going to somehow make a mistake. Yet Nicole explained it with such ease it made me feel like I could also create something from nothing. The art portion was such a treat. In my daily life, I never take the time to sit down and make art and to be able to create something in such a short amount of time was extremely satisfying. It also felt that no matter what my art looked like it was going to be GREAT! I also felt a sense of calm and peace as the whole group worked on their creations and the energy in the room felt light and open.

3. #ARTYOGAPLAY is all about discovery of moving our bodies, self care and creativity. How do you express yourself through movement, practice, self care and express yourself creatively?

I love dancing, cooking, yoga, singing and as of lately organizing my home. I have been singing for about 20 years in my church and my voice a lot like my yoga practice has changed throughout the years. The more I learn about my vocal expression the more I can reach new heights in my singing and this is the same for my yoga practice through breath and asana I can reach a new relationship with my body and my yoga practice. I also enjoy cooking and discovering how I can nourish my body through new and simpler recipes. I have been trying to live a more simple less cluttered life and have been learning how to keep everything around me in my home organized and beautiful!

4. Okay, now to the juicy stuff. Wedding details, please! How did you meet? Can you tell us the proposal story? And, can you share tips on how to maintain self love while in a relationship?

I work at United Airlines and so does my fiancé Nathan. I saw him one day and he caught my eye. At the time I had a serious boyfriend and was not interested in anyone else. A few months later I was single again and kept running into my now fiancé at work. We began hanging out during our breaks, talking after work, then going to Walmart late at night (we both worked nights, so it was the only place we could go), then Walmart turned into IHOP and after a few months we began “officially dating.” I met my best friend and didn’t want to let him go! We talked about marriage and went to Bogota and designed a beautiful engagement ring. The ring was ready after a few months and after he picked up the ring he held onto it for MONTHS. He planned a surprise engagement with all my close friends and family at a nice café/bar! It was so special and I was truly surprised at his sneakiness.

Being in a relationship you want to do everything with your partner and mine is so much fun AND it is also important to keep doing what you did before you met. Which I did! I kept doing yoga, having coffee and taco dates, singing and participating in my church community. I believe that the only way to truly add to a relationship is to always BE yourself and do the things that make you happy. Then you are truly a whole and complete person who can add more JOY to someone else’s life and also able to receive it back.

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