Restful Holidays and Leaping into the New Year



Farewell 2018! And, well hello there, 2019. It was so nice to end my busy year on a restful and more restorative tone. I laugh about the word “busy” because being occupied in projects, classes, and creativity seems to have become my normal. And as a full-time yoga teacher and artist, I’ve realized that this is a new lifestyle I’m still getting used to.

Teaching, creating and sharing my work has taken off since moving back to Montrose in fall of 2017. I was teaching 20+ classes a week, and I probably had about 1-3 workshops and events each month. (No wonder I only had time to leave Houston three times last year.) Over the last two weeks of December, I requested for substitutes, shuffled my schedule around so I could finally give myself some time to just rest, sleep and do ordinary things.

How was your holiday?
I set out my holiday with the intention towards joy and rest. And to stay the hell away from crazy makers.

1) I decided not to go to every party I was invited to because I never feel fully present when I have to uber around all over town and driving and moving all over the place is just not my thing right now.

2) I decided to actually be present with the wonderful people I chose to spend my evenings with over the holidays. (aka avoided the crazy makers) It’s annoying to be on my phone and watch other people be on their phones when you are at a party, meal or conversation. I’ve started noticing this happening more often than I like seeing – especially in myself. I call the “sad and bored selfie” time.

Don’t get me wrong. I am an Asian girl and my people love a good impromptu photo shoot. But, damn, there has to be more to life than taking photos all the time. It’s time to listen, laugh, and engage in real time. Can our lives have a little more depth, thought and connection every once in a while?


What did you do to make your holidays more JOYFUL  and more RESTFUL?

1) I hit up my usual spots. I made sure to get in a couple of reflexology massages and a much needed mani/pedi. I also drank coffee, ate tacos & had ramen at my favorite spots with my favorite people.

2) I decided to commit to reading more. I read “The Little Book of Hygge” by Meik Wiking to get me into this wintertime vibe. Honestly, sometimes, winters can be hella depressing especially when it is cold, gray AND raining. So, it was nice to add in more little touches of comfort and sparks in my days. I also picked up the latest issue of FLOW magazine.

3) I also went on little mini-adventures. It was never my intention, but Galveston has become a regular spot for me to hang out and escape to from time to time. It has a much slower pace than Houston, and the old vibes from the buildings, streets and people reminds me of my time in Antigua. I have my spots that I like to hide out in and relax.

While in town , I have really enjoyed spending time going to yoga classes and walking outdoors in the forest somewhere.  I’ve also decided to enjoy going in-depth with my own learning and relaxing. I had a hella good time at the “Shakti at the Bhakti” retreat on New Year’s Day and I took a couple of really fun workshops (Crystals and Meditation at Black Swan and a Winter Solstice Yin Practice with Vegan Baked Goods).

4) Goal setting and Goal dreaming. I’ve started doing a year in review of my business, and I’d like to finish updating my resume, linkedin, and website. I finished up my really cool vision board with a dope ass origami design, and I look forward to sharing it with you on this blog soon!

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