day 5: the oatmeal life

I was having a conversation with my friend Rachel this past summer about the oatmeal life. I was telling her about a woman aimed to save $100 a day for a year. So, why the oatmeal life?

1) Overnight oats are quick and convenient. While I clear up my kitchen in the evenings, it takes 15 minutes to put a packet of oats, almond milk, peanut butter and berries in a jar.

2) Oatmeal is uncomplicated. Mornings can be rough especially when I am required to be at the yoga studio early. I don’t want to use my brainpower to pack a snack, breakfast and make coffee. That’s way too much thinking.

3) Oatmeal is good for you (nutritionally and financially). I know that some people can eat the big giant cartons of oatmeal, but I prefer the packets of Trader Joe’s Organic Oats & Flax Instant Oatmeal. It’s $5.99 a box which comes down to $.75 a serving. All the other additions: fruit, peanut butter and your milk are also healthy and affordable.

4) The oatmeal life does truly work. While reading “Paris Letters,” I started incorporating some of the saving tips that the author Janice McLeod did to leave for Paris. A few years ago, I started aggressively saving half of my paycheck for a year. The oatmeal life empowered me to be able to make better decisions for myself: moving abroad, examine more ways to save for funds and think about where my money was really going towards (quick & meaningless things versus high quality experiences).

One of the things I have noticed in my Prosperous Heart training is my tendency to spend money at coffee shops. This is honestly because I just didn’t plan the extra time to pack a breakfast or a snack OR make my coffee at home. The counting exercise doesn’t lie. The numbers are there, and I’ve asked myself, “What would warrant having a good coffee and good food moment?”

– Do I really have the time to enjoy this meal? Perhaps, I’m with a friend and we are catching up. Maybe I’ve been going nuts at home all day without any social interaction and I truly need a change of scenery. If this coffee and breakfast taco is just a “quickie” instead of quality time, I need to re-evaluate why I don’t have enough time for breakfast.

– Is there another time or place to enjoy my coffee? I want loads of time and I want all my art supplies, laptop and a stack of books around me. If I’m gonna invest time in a coffee shop, I want to be sure I can be there doing my deep work or having a deep connection with a good friend.

– Could I have done this at home? Honestly, there is something cozy and cute about being in your own home. You get to wear your comfortable flannel pajamas with a blanket. You can play the music you want, and honestly, my bright red couch always seems more comfortable than the chairs in cafes.

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