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day 5: the oatmeal life

I was having a conversation with my friend Rachel this past summer about the oatmeal life. I was telling her about a woman aimed to save $100 a day for a year. So, why the oatmeal life? 1) Overnight oats are quick and convenient. While I clear up my kitchen in the evenings, it takes … Continue reading

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A Conversation with #ARTYOGAPLAY student Angela Venegas

  Houston has been an inspiring place for me as I have gotten to know the yoga community better. I first met my #ARTYOGAPLAY student Angela Venegas when I was teaching yoga at Big Power Yoga Memorial. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to call her not only my student, but more importantly … Continue reading

A Conversation with #ARTYOGAPLAY student Laura Neiman
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A Conversation with #ARTYOGAPLAY student Laura Neiman

Now that I am back home, I have been blessed with reconnecting with not only my love for tacos, but more importantly the ever-growing yoga community here in Houston. Recently, I had the honor to learn more about one of my favorite #ARTYOGAPLAY students Laura Neiman. I have known her since our halcyon days as … Continue reading

Art + Meditation: Creating a meditation practice that works for me
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Art + Meditation: Creating a meditation practice that works for me

  Confession: Yes, I’m a yoga teacher. And, no, I don’t meditate. Did you know that yoga was invented to help people focus during meditation? And, yet, I struggle with having an active and flourishing meditation practice. What I mean is that I don’t have a traditional practice where one would sit quietly for 5 minutes … Continue reading