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A Conversation with #ARTYOGAPLAY student Laura Neiman


Now that I am back home, I have been blessed with reconnecting with not only my love for tacos, but more importantly the ever-growing yoga community here in Houston.

Recently, I had the honor to learn more about one of my favorite #ARTYOGAPLAY students Laura Neiman. I have known her since our halcyon days as event planners for the Houston Symphony, and she is now the PR Coordinator for Neiman Marcus, Houston.

She is an up-and-coming expert and influencer in fashion and design. (If you aren’t yet, you should also follow her sensational instagram posts on @laurakatneiman and @pr_insidetheicon). When I need help on what to wear for my next hot date in Htown, I have been known to text photos and questions to her from the dressing rooms at Anthro, Madewell, and Tootsie’s. (I’m not kidding! I need all the fashion help I can get since I spend most of my days in birkenstocks and leggings.)

I am always inspired by her love for life from the outrageously fantastic events she organizes for Neiman Marcus, Houston, her amazing travel adventures, and her discriminating eye for edgy and charming couture. She’s a business woman, socialite, and MBA. This classy lady is the complete package: smart, creative, hard-working, and most importantly sassy AF!

I hope you enjoy reading our short and sweet conversation. Namaste!
#thefutureisfemale #yassqueen #realrecognizereal

1. What are you up to this fall?

Fall is my favorite season.  Something about the air, the way it smells when it does finally get cooler here in Houston, makes me feel like there are so many possibilities. This fall I hope to grow my career and to keep making connections in the Houston fashion and magazine industries.  I really love getting to know these wonderful designers we have here in Houston.  We are so lucky to live in a city that is full of creative people!

2. Why do you love taking #ARTYOGAPLAY classes?

I love taking classes with Nicole because I truly believe that she cares about my Yoga practice.  I have gone to so many studios trying to find a place that is not cult like.  It’s hard when a meditation practice becomes a mainstream “need to be seen at” type of class to find a place that you feel like you belong.  Nicole keeps Yoga at its core.  You never feel like you are just there to be there, but rather I always feel really encouraged and empowered to grow in my practice.  I absolutely love her Yoga, Coffee and Chocolate workshops.  She has combined all three of my favorite things, how could one not love that?!  Now if she added wine to the mix..i would never leave.

3. How do you express your creativity in the fashion industry?

Fashion is all about being creative and not being afraid to express who you truly are.  I am so lucky to work in a place where I can express my creativity every day.  I am either creating posts for the Instagram account that I run for NM, Houston (@PR_InsidetheIcon) or I am styling for a Fashion Show/Presentation at the store. Personally- I express my creativity every day with my shoe choice- which may explain why I have 100 pairs.



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