day 3: can writing about prosperity change my life?

Through the magic of the internet, I stumbled upon a project that the author Janice McLeod was doing way before she published “Paris Letters.” I know she was a fan of the morning pages and the transformative effects of doing Julia Cameron’s book, “The Artist’s Way.”

Two months ago, I decided to go on a quest to re-evaluate my work and how effective I am in making an impact through my work with ARTYOGAPLAY. On my wandering path, I decided to take on the same challenge Janice McLeod did and create 100 blog posts. I was also inspired by her decision to read another one of Julia Cameron’s books, “The Prosperous Heart.”

“The Prosperous Heart” is a 12 week program that is focusing on finances. It has a similar style to her very successful book, “The Artist’s Way.” BUT, it is the first book on finances that has made me feel interested and motivated to execute my financial goals. I’m a creative person. Don’t make me create spreadsheets or read a dry and boring book about financial wealth and independence. I will literally start falling asleep or go into a stressful fit.

I have read the first chapter and I am moving into chapter two this week. In order to be a thriving artist and to have room for creativity, I must feel financially stable. For women, financial stability is a very uncomfortable topic- regardless of what your economic status, salary, and financial needs are.

After reading and seeing how Janice McLeod saved enough income to move to Paris, I myself was transformed. I was able to save more money and visualize my own changes which ultimately led to me living abroad.

Chapter One asks the reader to come up with a list of ten actions that make you feel prosperous (AND that cost nothing).

1) Going for walks on streets and trails with lots of trees. I need the shade of the trees because let’s face it this is TEXAS and it is always humid.

2) Making a good cup of coffee with my French Press. I like the process of grinding the beans, smelling the coffee and sitting down quietly to drink a cup I made on my bright red couch.

3) Making delicious and healthy foods. Groceries are actually pretty affordable here in Houston. I’ve seen the contrary in other cities. So, you can get a lot of yummy veggies and make some amazing things.

4) A visit to the local library. There is an adorable library in my neighborhood that used to be an old church. In the same plaza, there is a beautiful courtyard with giant chess pieces and a pub. There are piles and piles and piles of books that you can check out and read. This is a great solution to my book addiction.

5) I don’t have time or I supposed I have not created enough time to go take an art class. But, I have an abundance of art supplies. It does not cost anything to study art, make watercolor paintings or have an art and coffee date with friends.

6) Lacing up my bright pink laces and going for a run in any of the parks nearby. It helps me clear my head.

7) My beautiful bathroom: I have a spacious bathroom that feels very luxurious and relaxing. It is one of my favorite spaces in my apartment. After a workout, I like taking bubbles baths, putting on a clay mud mask and listening to music in my tub.

8) Meditation: Listening to my Uncle Deepak and Aunt Oprah always makes me feel better. It is scientifically prover to help destress and relax your mind.

9) Reading, journaling and writing: I love creating sketchbooks. In fact, I’m working on one right now to be sent to the Brooklyn Art Library.

10) Driving down to Galveston: I have certain spots I love to hit up when I head down to the water. I love looking at the old buildings, taking photos of palm trees and relaxing in MOD coffee shop.

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